Z6 Golden Garden co-ord set

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Introducing the Z6 Golden Garden co-ord set from Aamtaur, a blend of elegance and sustainability. Crafted entirely from 100% cotton and handprinted by skilled artisans, this set is not just a garment, but a testament to craftsmanship.

The Z6 Golden Garden set features a chic western-style half sleeve shirt paired harmoniously with palazzo pants. Adorned with exquisite hand block printed motifs and vertical foil accents, it exudes a subtle yet captivating party-like shimmer.

This co-ord set is perfect for those special occasions where you want to stand out effortlessly. Whether it’s a garden party, a social gathering, or a relaxed evening out, the Z6 Golden Garden set is designed to make you feel both comfortable and stylish. The breathable cotton fabric ensures comfort, while the intricate prints and foil details add a touch of glamour.

Ideal for the modern woman who appreciates sustainable fashion and artisanal craftsmanship, the Z6 Golden Garden co-ord set is a versatile addition to your wardrobe. Embrace the beauty of handcrafted textiles and make a statement with every step in this exquisite ensemble from Aamtaur.

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