The name derives meaning from the upliftment of the ordinary to the extraordinary. The “usual” isn’t usual anymore; and to make this the next norm, the next wave, we thought of bringing the national heritage to the forefront of the world of fashion.

Our Vision

 For an Industry which currently makes up for 27% of India’s export, we wish to pay homage to the same, and also enable it to take its place in the Global market. This will not only be a way to generate employment for a huge number of artisans and skilled labourers, but will also revive dying art forms.
In short, we wish to make Indian tradition into a Global Trend and all its art, a highlight in every house across the globe.

After all, “Jaisa vesh, vaisa Desh.”

Our Mission

In the times where “Make in India”, “Boycott Chinese products”, Veganism, etc. have already created waves across the nation, there is already an established background for “Make in India” for the Textile Industry. It was so from Swadeshi Movement times, and hence we wish to restore its glory at the same time, make the world aware of the golden fabric from India.

The Textile Industry is one of the few to imbibe unbiased employment; wherein gender, sexual orientation, caste, age do not have a place in front of skill. This gives us ground to support and generate equality in employment on all grounds, including gender, age, caste, religion, economic status, education or even sexual orientation.

Shaping the brand of Indian art-based couture in the global market will definitely put a smile on the face of artisans and skilled labourers of our nation and so we wish to have the world see them as not just a worker, but as a “Kaarigar”.

Know the Founders

Mr. Kartik Somani


Mr. Kartik Somani, MBA, is a proficient thinker, and an artiste. He strongly believes in exercising creative potential, to liberate beauty and balance in the world. Going by the adage, Ek ne pehna to desh Azad hua, har ek na pehna toh desh aabad hoga – Khadi

Mr. Ashwin Agrawal


Mr. Ashwin Agrawal, a Textile Technology Engineer by academic prowess, and an entrepreneur by habit, has always been keenly interested in nuances of “Fabric”, the lone industry to have survived all ages. A perfectionist to boot, he carries a strong work ethic ……

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